Yoga for Plus Size Women

I am a huge fan of yoga! Unfortunately I have no friends that enjoy it so I find going to a yoga class rather lonely if I don’t have someone to share it with. I much prefer doing yoga at home at my own pace.

Because Mr J and I work slightly different hours to each other the morning is the best for my yoga routine. He’s usually off to work at about 6am so I do my yoga between 6:30am and 7:30am and within that include 10 minutes for meditation.

I’ve been through my share of yoga apps trying to find the best that suits me. If you’ve never tried yoga before I do recommend at least going to one or two classes, that way you have a teacher that can help you when getting into the various yoga positions. Once you’ve got a good idea that you can get into the positions you can transition to doing yoga at home.

I set up in front of the TV and sync my iPhone to my AppleTV and settle in for a good 50 minutes of yoga. If you’re not used to yoga there’s nothing wrong with starting off with 20 minute sessions and working your way up.

Getting into yoga is a marathon – not a sprint. You won’t be able to do every position straight away and that’s ok. Just by starting off you’ll slowly start increasing your flexibility and strength.

Just because your plus sized doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do the position, most people regardless of size take time to work up to some positions.

Don’t believe me? Check out these plus size beauties absolutely nailing it.

Day 2 of #CupidsArrowYogis is #fishpose I find this pose to be absolutely beautiful and a wonderful stretch full of variations. You can’t go wrong, looking forward to everyone’s post 😘 Instructions Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor. Inhale, lift your pelvis slightly off the floor, and slide your hands, palms down, below your buttocks. Then rest your buttocks on the backs of your hands (and don’t lift them off your hands as you perform this pose). Be sure to tuck your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your torso. Inhale and press your forearms and elbows firmly against the floor. Next press your scapulas into your back and, with an inhale, lift your upper torso and head away from the floor. Then release your head back onto the floor. Depending on how high you arch your back and lift your chest, either the back of your head or its crown will rest on the floor. There should be a minimal amount of weight on your head to avoid crunching your neck. You can keep your knees bent or straighten your legs out onto the floor. If you do the latter, keep your thighs active, and press out through the heels. Stay for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing smoothly. With an exhalation lower your torso and head to the floor. Draw your thighs up into your belly and squeeze. 💞Make sure to check out my post @fourtwoplusone and my beautiful co-hosts @kelly.ard and @canadianyogini_abk_ 💖Sponsor shoutout @wickedcustomapparel @wildflowersociety @rockinfootwear @lotusandlava #thickyoga #tattooedyoga #canadayoga #curvyyoga #plussizeyoga #yoga #yogagear #yogalove #yogalife #yogaforall #yogaforeveryone #igyoga #igyogafam #ILOVEYOGA #instayoga

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