If you enjoy listening to music or playing games with loud sound effects then you should purchase the extraordinary X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair for yourself. The sound system of this gaming chair will just keep you hooked to it for hours together.


The powerful 2.1 speakers with subwoofer of this gaming chair can make the movie or game a lot better. The chair is very easy to setup and anyone with minimal technical knowledge can assemble it within few minutes. The wireless feature makes it enormously easy to use.

The chair provides excellent vibrations and hence playing action games becomes all the more interesting and entertaining. The pedestal makes the chair usable for tall people as it helps to sit 5 inches off the ground level.


  • This gaming chair can be connected with multiple chairs and thereby provide the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Can be connected to Playstation, Gameboy, Xbox, MP3 / CD /DVD, and home theaters.
  • Extremely comfortable as it provides good support for your back and arms.
  • Can be folded and stored in a closet easily.
  • The metal base makes the chair sturdy and enhances the overall quality.
  • Definitely, worth the price!


  • While seated on the chair, the seat portion just above the knee has a bar underneath and this makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit for longer period of time. A little more padding would have alleviated this problem.
  • The wireless sound box should work on power as it eats up a lot of battery.
  • The electric cord is too short and requires an extension cord.

However, the pros have undoubtedly exceeded the cons and hence this gaming chair is certainly an excellent product to bring happiness in your life while you enjoy playing your favorite game or watching your desired movie.