Powerful sound system and vibration distinguishes this beauty from other gaming chairs. Inbuilt with numerous features, this gaming chair will take your gaming experiences to the next level.  A great chair to have for every hardcore gamer out there.


The sound system of this best console gaming chair has 4 speakers and a powerful subwoofer that can provide very strong vibrations for the complete surround sound experience while you enjoy your favorite game. Other than connecting with various games, the chair can also be connected with multiple chairs.

The shape of the chair is designed in such a way that it is extremely comfortable to sit continuously for hours together. Moreover, there is enough padding on the leg area, which does not make your legs hurt.


  • Can be connected with Gameboy, Playstation, Xbox, MP3, home theaters, etc.
  • High-end sound system with vibration.
  • Extremely comfortable to sit and enjoy your game.
  • Easy to clean and looks stylish.
  • The quality of the product is excellent and so it should be long-lasting.


  • A heavy product and hence it’s difficult to carry the gaming chair and shift to another room.
  • The wireless transmitter works on battery and hence it has to be switched off when not in use otherwise it will eat up the battery in 2-3 days. So, I keep checking this every single day as most of the time my kids forget switching it off. 

Overall, the chair is excellent with loud and clear sound effects. Hence, if you want to go through one of the best gaming experiences then this gaming chair is an absolutely recommended product for you.