Winter beach trips

To celebrate the boyfriends 30th birthday we went on a winter trip to his favourite beach spot, Merimbula.

Obviously it is way too cold to spend the days swimming at the beach. Instead we opted for exploring the surrounding towns, eating good food and trying local beer and wine.

It was possibly one of the most perfect weekend. Even though it rained on our second day, it didn’t stop us from getting out and exploring Pambula and Eden.

Working out what to wear when half the time you’re at the coast is cold and wet and the other half is fairly warm is difficult, but I opted for layers! Shirts, jumpers and jackets so I could easily adjust throughout the extra long weekend.

This was easily my favourite outfit of the trip. It combined my new Ruby & Lilli shirt with my new Valentine Loves vest, with some added sparkle.


This would be way too hot to wear to the beach in summer, but for winter it was perfect. There was warmth but if the day got too hot I could easily take off my vest to keep cool.

The Ruby & Lilli shirt has been a great addition to my wardrobe as it’s a light tee that is perfect for layers in winter and for keeping cooler in spring.


Tee – Ruby & Lilli

Vest – Valentine Loves

Jeans – City Chic

Boots – Wittner

Bag – Urban Outfitters

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