When you don’t love yourself

Part of being a woman is to not love yourself. From a young age we’re programmed to want to be thinner, prettier, funnier, smarter, more talented.. the list goes on.

We’re taught not to accept ourselves as what we are but to strive to be a type of perfection that society and the media have created. Perfection that doesn’t exist, it’s photoshopped and curated to within an inch of it’s life that it’s not physically attainable.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and truly loved yourself, every inch. From the wrinkles around your eyes to the stretch marks hugging your hips..

I haven’t always loved myself, but I’m training my brain to think in a different way. It’s started with small things from hating┬áthe scar I have in my eyebrow to appreciating it for the funny story of me falling out of a hammock as a kid.

I used to hate my curly hair and have now embraced curls and love how they fall around my face. I hated my nose because it isn’t petite or turned up, until I realised it’s my dads nose and reflects him in me.


This doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t flick a switch and go from hating yourself to loving yourself. It’s about making small changes to your thought processes and actions to eventually retrain yourself.

When you would normally look in the mirror and pull yourself apart, pick one thing you love. It can be as small as yours, pick it, say it and believe that your eyes are beautiful.

When you’re feeling down don’t do something that you know will make you feel worse, buy a bucket of chicken, watch netflix for 6 hours. Instead do something you know will lift you up, go for a walk, meet with a friend for coffee, do something creative.

Slowly but surely you can change from hating yourself to loving yourself. It just takes the first step.

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