Time to accept your body

Are you the type of person who would tell your friend she looks awful in a bathing suit? That she’s ugly, gross, fat (in a negative way) and basically shouldn’t leave the house?

If you are then you probably found your way to my blog by accident.

If you aren’t then please, when I tell you, if you wouldn’t say it to your dearest friend, please don’t say it to yourself.

In a recent episode of Suger + Ink, Suger aptly made the comment, “get over the fact your body doesn’t look like they told you it should.” While harsh, the line speaks so many damn truths. We are all amazingly different, made up from the genes of our parents and their parents before then. We have quirks and traits that make us, us.

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You were not born to look like Heidi Klum (unless Heidi you happen to be reading this, if so – heeeeey). You were born to have your fathers nose, your mothers legs, your grandmothers hair and pops sense of humour.

Get where I’m going with this?

Today is the day your start accepting your body for what it is, you. It’s time to nurture your body and your mind and let go of those negative thoughts that pull you down every day.

Here are my tips to starting to change your thinking:

  • Ditch the things in your life that make you feel awful. Whether that’s your body bashing friends, TV shows, fashion magazine, people you follow on Twitter. Start to cleanse your life of the things and people who make you feel less.
  • Talk to the people in your life. If your best friend is a body hater but you can’t bear the thought of cutting her out of your life, talk to her. Explain to her how you’re feeling and how her language effects your own body image. If she (or anyone else) is a true friend, they’ll want to lift you up, not tear you down.
  • If an ad in a magazine or something you see on TV makes you feel bad about yourself, look at it with a critical eye. Why does it make you feel bad and what is it trying to sell you? Most product marketing is about making you feel bad or guilty to encourage you to buy the product. You’re smarter than that, you can see through that!
  • Start your day with something positive about yourself. Whether the outfit your wearing is on point or your hair is cooperating that day. Take the positive and run with it, own it.
  • Save the compliments. If you post a picture on Facebook or any social media of yourself and get positive comments, screen shot and save them. Look back over them when you’re having a bad day. Re-reading the beautiful words will lift you up instantly.


It’s time to start small.

With small changes like the ones I’ve listed above, you can start to retrain your brain from hating yourself to loving yourself.

Let’s face it. Life is way to short to spend it in hate, turn it around and spend it in love.

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