The F Word

Recently on a weekend away with some girlfriends there was a discussion around the F word – being FAT.

There were very divided opinions in the group, as in I was the only one who thought differently about the meaning and use of the word fat.

My friends felt that being called fat was negative, that characters on TV shouldn’t be called fat because it’s not a great word and has a lot of underlying meanings.


I completely agree with their way of thinking – 5 years ago.

Before delving into the world of body positive and really understanding society’s perceptions vs reality I was completely on this wave length of thinking. Fat was a bad word. If someone called you this they were basically calling you a c*nt. (Sorry mum for dropping the C bomb!).

It’s true though, the word fat unleashed all sorts of feelings. Hatred, self loathing, sadness it goes on.

However now I’m in a much better place. I have great role models, I don’t hate myself or my body, I’m in a great and positive place. The word fat to me is now just a description. Just like saying someone has hair or fingernails or is white or asian, I am fat.

I tried explaining my new way of thinking to my friends. That fat is just a way to describe someone. I don’t blame them for thinking I’m a hippy with this new way of thinking. It does make me realise that while I’m in a good place a lot of women still aren’t.

This is one of the reasons I started theĀ podcast with Suger Coat It. I want this podcast to inspire women and make them realise that life is not over when you’re plus size. Episode one is all about how it’s ok to love yourself and Suger and I share some insight into our own journeys. We didn’t always love ourselves, in fact for a long time I hated myself and my body and that self loathing fed into some pretty bad habits.

If you feel like this, if you feel like your body defines you as a person I really encourage you to give episode one a listen and see how you feel afterwards.

It’s time to say fuck off to the word fat making you feel bad!

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