“Stop trying to trick men!” – Dating when you’re plus size

I’ve done my fair share of dating for someone of my age and a good mix of it was between in life connections and online.

What I’ve noticed most is all the expectations placed on you as a plus size person, I couldn’t resist putting them in a list and seeing whether anyone else has experienced the same!

  • If you don’t include a full body photo you’re a catfish, stop trying to trick men!!
  • You should be grateful for any attention you receive, even if it is abusive or nasty.
  • Men who have a fetish for curvy women are perfect for you.
  • ‘But you have such a pretty face’.
  • Because you’re curvy you should probably only date curvy men, don’t wade outside your dating pool!
  • Men will want to sleep with you but not date you – be grateful!

While this is all in jest there is some seriousness to it as well. And while every guy I ever went on a date with didn’t prescribe to any of the above a good 50% did.

Share with me, have you experienced any of the above?

2 thoughts on ““Stop trying to trick men!” – Dating when you’re plus size

  1. I was lucky to find a guy who loved me straight away despite my size, but my best friend is going through pretty much every single scenario you have listed! Still, I’m a hopeless romantic so I know she needs to keep trying to sludge through the trash to her man.

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