Nike embraces plus women

Just typing that headline gives me goosebumps! A lot of you may be just as excited as I am and so may be really confused as to why I care that Nike now has a plus size women’s range. 

The thing is, Nike is a HUGE brand. I mean million, billion dollar huge. The fact that a company that has built a strong and recognisable brand and has embraced plus women and developed a range for them is a huge turning point in the fashion industry.

Not only that but the range itself is simple, chic and pays respect to plus women by offering them on trend activewear.

I can’t breath I’m so excited!

Now I’ll be honest, not every plus woman is going to be able to shop at Nike, they only go up to a 3X which I know doesn’t fit everyone. However, if plus women embrace this and put their wallet where there mouth is, the bigger sizes will follow.

Now I’m over hyperventilating, let me share with you what’s at the top of my must have list!

Nike Pro Hypercool

I am so keen to get my hands on these shorts! I really struggle when it comes to finding activewear shorts, and I think these are going to answer my prayers. They look like the perfect length (not too short that they’re riding up my hoo-ha!) and tight so they stay put.

Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece

Canberra is crazy cold and this fleece jumper will be a great addition to help motivate me when the early morning and frost makes getting out of bed that little bit harder. I also love the holes at the end of the sleeves to stick your thumb through to help keep your hands somewhat warm!

Nike Power Epic Lux

Because fat chicks are allowed to wear tights! And because the pattern looks awesome!!

Checkout the whole range here.

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