Just being happy

It’s weird to say the words, ‘I’m happy.’ We’re conditioned never to just be content but to want more, need more and express it where possible.

We need better jobs, more money. More friends and better quality friends. Bigger houses and more stuff. Skinnier bodies and more time to work out. The list is endless at the things we’re meant to want and need.

At the moment I still have a list, however for the most part I am happy. I have a job I love, friends I love and a partner who it’s easy to say is the best one I’ve had EVER.


While this blog was once upon a time heavily focused on my love life, this new blog will of course of sneak peeks into that side of my life, but won’t revolve around it.

For now let me say that with each passing relationship you have to evaluate and be critical not only on yourself but on what the previous partner didn’t have that is important to you. This should help you work out what’s important and what’s not for the next partner.

The process then starts all over again until hopefully you have a pretty solid list and with that list you find someone who slots in. In fact they may slot in so easy that at first you don’t realise it. Until you have your first fight or your first big relationship moment. Then you get it, you see it. You realise this person isn’t just a fleeting moment, they’re a long chapter in your story and in fact for some they may be the last chapter.

The person I’m now sharing my life with is as cool as a cucumber, and for someone like me we compliment each other. He loves cooking and I love being cooked for. We have a shared love for animals. He’s as social as I am, if not more.


He is special.

While I know my happiness doesn’t depend on him, he sure does add an element to my life I’ve never had before and with that has come a new kind of happiness.

For now I’m enjoying just being happy.

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