Improving my food choices

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I am the worst grocery shopper in our house. I lead with my tummy instead of my head and also often manage to go shopping when I’m starving, leading me to make really bad choices!

A little while ago I started noticing something on a lot of food packages. I now know it’s called the ‘Health Star Rating’ and it has slowly started impacting my food choices.

Something I often bought was tonic water and I actually had no idea what it was made up of. I figured it was some kind of soda water with flavouring. However just recently I noticed the star rating on it was really low, which led me to actually read the nutritional information on the back. Safe to say I now just stick with regular water!

I find the Health Star Rating a really practical way to get a glance at how potentially health (or unhealthy) the food I’m about to buy is. I use the stars to compare similar foods (like one muesli bar with another) – the higher the star rating, the better.

I then look to the nutritional information on the lower star rated product to better understand why something might not be as healthy as I thought – often, there can be more fat, salt or sugar in the lower rated product, which I didn’t see before.

I now actively make better choices, particular when it comes to packaged snacks. Something I really struggle with as so many items are labelled ‘healthy’ when in fact, they’re not!

I try to stick with majority of my foods at least a 3.5 or higher and save the lower rated foods for one off treats.

Have you noticed the new Health Star Rating? Do you find it useful?

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