Crop tops are not for plus sized people

In 2015 O Magazine published a line stating that if you’re plus sized you should not wear crop tops. Seriously. In 2015 we are still dictating to women what they should and shouldn’t wear.

After seeing social media explode with this ridiculous statement I promptly donned my crop top and had my photographer friend help me photograph the outfit.

Sure I don’t put on a crop top everyday and yes it did take a little self courage to take photo in it. But who gives a shit? Literally who cares if I’m wearing a crop top when I go out for drinks with my girlfriends? Who cares if you see a flash of skin?

You shouldn’t, I shouldn’t and O Magazine sure as shit shouldn’t either.

So here is my crop top in all it’s glory, and I reckon I look pretty fucking fantastic.





IMG_0019 copy



IMG_0021 copy

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