Where has my confidence gone? (and I got hitched!)

It’s fairly common in blogs that there reaches a time when the blogger takes a long unplanned break from blogging.

You’ll notice my last post is dated at the end of March, it’s kind of like I took long service leave but didn’t tell anyone about it – WHOOPS!

Here’s a mini recap of what’s happened since then:

  • Work overrode my entire life and I worked to the point I made myself sick (literally)
  • I planned a secret wedding at the same time work was full on (don’t recommend)
  • I started a small hobby business (I’m a Nana and I’m ok with)
  • I started a second hobby business (I’m another ‘professional’ photographer)
  • I moved jobs into what is just about my dream job (can you tell I’m still in that honeymoon phase?)
  • My confidence has dipped and I’m not feeling good about it (let’s keep it real)

All of those things I’ll go into more detail at a different time (particular the fun wedding part), but for now I really wanted to talk about the fact my confidence has dipped.

It may seem weird for someone who talks about body confidence to be going through an un-confident period, but that’s what is happening right now. I don’t feel joy when it comes to choosing an outfit or putting my makeup on. I’d rather stay indoors, in my track pants and ugg boots binge watching the latest Netflix drop. I shared how I was feeling with my husband (it seriously sounds weird calling him that now) and he’d noticed I’d changed a little.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when or why my confidence has dipped but I’m now very conscious that I need to actively change it.

I don’t like feeling this way and I find it effects different parts of my life in varying ways.

A big part of why I stopped blogging was I just couldn’t face picking out another outfit, feeling like shit and then trying to photograph myself and feel ok about the photos. So I’ve kind of been in hiding, and planning a wedding has been a great distraction.

But now that distraction is gone. Work is quiet and more manageable. Life is back to a normal slow pace. So it’s time to now focus on me and how I’m feeling and start looking at ways I can improve that. So I’ve come up with a list of thing I’m going to try and chip away at and see if it changes things:

  • Walking the dogs (simple yet effective)
  • Catching up with friends more (making the effort to leave the house)
  • Take more selfies (I’ve totally dropped off taking selfies and they used to make me feel so good! Back to the selfie it is!)
  • Compliment myself (when looking in the mirror in the morning after getting dressed I’m giving myself two compliments, and they have to be different from the day before)
  • Take time (I have so many hobbies I love and don’t really spend time doing that I’m going to put time aside each week, even if it’s only 1 hour)

So that’s it – five things to work into my life and see if it changes things. And if it doesn’t I have to come up with a new five things until I start to feel better.

What do you do when you’re in a confidence funk?


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