Winter Wonderland at Thredbo

For the first time in about two years this winter season it was time to head to the snow!

Luckily I live in Canberra and the snow fields are about 2.5 hours away. There was also the added benefit of being invited to the snow for a weekend to celebrate a 30th birthday – who could say no?

I had all these ideas of taking outfit photos in the snow and of course we got some of the worst possible weather. Torrential rain for the first day, washing most of the snow away. On the last day there was a lovely powdering across the mountains and I got this very brief outfit photo. Certainly not one of my best but when it’s all you have you just have to go with it!


These photos were taken at Thredbo village and while this isn’t my most fashionable outfit I see several things when I look at it. I see the yellow beanie which I knitted especially for that trip. I see the blue scarf which I knitted several years before and is still going strong. I see the black jumper which I bought in New York (the last time I saw snow) and the black jacket I also bought in New York.


This outfit is full of so many wonderful memories that to anyone else I looked rugged up, but to me a feel cuddled in memories of New York and the items I handmade myself.

Do you have a favourite outfit that brings with it fond memories?