A day of nothing

Lately I’ve been really struggling. I’m a social person and being around people. I also love having some along time.

I need about 50/50 time spent with people and time spent solo and usual I get there or I can at least make sure I get that by scheduling my weeks right. I try to make sure I get at least one day on the weekend that’s just for me, whether that’s catching up on laundry, blogging or just hanging on the couch it’s spent being low key and recharging my batteries before the week ahead.

This year is turning out to be a bit crazy though. Almost my entire friendship circle and the boyfriends friends turn 30 this year. There is celebration on celebration on celebration. It’s truly lovely to see everyone come together to celebrate a birthday and milestones like 30 are the big ones and this year is full of so many of them. There are parties, lunches, weekends away and some even week long.

Photobooth fun at the BFs 30th birthday celebrations! Can’t resist a good Photobooth!!!!!

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I am a big fan of birthdays, however this year I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. Everyone is being great at providing plenty of lead up time and letting people know what their 30th birthday plans are, there’s just one every two to three weeks (and some even 3 weekends in a row).

The great side is I’ve seen almost every possible way to celebrate a 30th that I’m getting lots of ideas for my own! The downside is that the solo time I normally try to have is becoming fewer and far between and I’m noticing in my moods and energy levels that I’m a downward slope to crashing.

Boozy lunch at @poacherspantry in my new @rubyandlilli ✌🏼️

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My version of crashing usually involves some kind of sickness, like a flu or some virus that knocks you out for several days and takes what seems like months to recover.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the celebrating. The getting together, drinking, eating and creating of memories. I’m just noticing that each Sunday night I’m feeling less recharged and ready for the week ahead and it’s slowly having it’s toll.

Have you had a period like that in your life? Where you feel like you could take a one week vacation on a deserted island and that still wouldn’t enough R & R?