Suger + Ink Podcast {LIVE}

Today is the day the Suger + Ink podcast has gone live on iTunes and SoundCloud!

I am beyond excited that this little idea that started so many weeks ago is now a real life thing. The whole purpose of this podcast is to provide a plus size perspective on life. Plus size women can do anything and be anything they want. We can experience love, life and everything in between.

I have to give a big shoutout to Suger from Suger Coat It who said yes to joining me on this crazy journey. I can hand on heart say if she didn’t say yes this podcast never would have come about!

I’d love you would have a listen, hit subscribe and even leave us a review on iTunes if you love what you hear!



If you don’t have iTunes you can also listen through SoundCloud and to make it even easier I’ve embedded our introduction episode below so you can have a listen!

The Suger + Ink Podcast {Coming Soon}

It’s been on the cards for a few weeks and finally I can announce that Suger (from Suger Coat It) and I will be releasing a podcast on the 1st of August. It’s called the Suger + Ink Podcast: The plus side of life.

I’m a HUGE podcast lover. Ever since the first Serial season came out I’ve been obsessed. I listen to podcasts ranging from self help, financial, health and fitness, crime, true stores. You name it, I probably listen to it.

One thing that was missing though was a great selection of podcasts for plus size women. The ones that are on there certainly serve a purpose, however there wasn’t one for the everyday. Talking about what it’s like to be plus size and live life.

Cue me sending one crazy email to Suger and hoping she didn’t laugh in my face at the idea.

Almost a month later we’re building a website, recording shows and getting really excited about what we’re putting together.

In two weeks we’ll be releasing our first intro along with a couple of episodes to wet your appetite and also get some listener feedback. If you want to stay up to date for when the podcast launches you can head to our website and sign up to the mailing list