Cake in the country

Over the weekend I had two separate friends turn 30 and in two different ways both birthdays were spent in the country.

The first was spent at Poacher’s Pantry and over eight long hours, many glasses of wine were consumed, many laughs had and early night to bed is how it ended. All in all, a blissfully lovely day surrounded by lovely people.

The second was a day trip to Bowral. A place I’d only been once before when I was a lot younger and something I can barely remember.


After a late state we managed to get to Bowral in time for a late lunch and a cake stop at Gumnut Patisserie, located on the corner of the Grand Hotel building on the main street. The cakes were delicious and between the four of us we rotated through them taking glorious mouthful after mouthful.



We took a stroll around the main street and it couldn’t have been a more perfectly autumn day with golden leaves and a light crisp breeze. We watched the expensive cars drive past and looked longing in the windows of all the boutique interiors shops.


I didn’t quite realise the demographic of Bowral until we’d passed our fifth boutique interior and a Witchery and Kikki.K shop, very out of place in what seemed a remote country town.

On the drive back to Canberra we stared longingly out the windows, eyeing the old original homes with white weatherboard walls and picket fences. Naturally we made plans to rent a big country home and come back for entire weekend rather than a few fleeting hours.


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