Where to buy plus size tights

Now that spring is here, with it becomes the unpredictability of the weather. One day the sun will be beaming, then by the afternoon the rain has set in and there’s a chill in the air.

This is when layering can become your best friend and if you’re a fan of dresses or skirts, tights can save you! The trick is finding cute plus size tights!

Personally I prefer a thicker tight. It helps me feel like my legs are smoothed out. For some though I know they feel uncomfortable and restricted and prefer the thinner tights.

I’ve pulled together the best places to buy tights that offering a decent range of thick and thin to suit everyone.

City Chic

Images from the City Chic website

This was the first place I ever bought plus size tights from and I have to say they definitely lasted me ages before holes started to appear. I prefer the thicker 120D opaque tights, however they also carry 80D and 20D dependent on what you like.

They’re good for your basic tight as they don’t carry colours, just black and two shades of nude.

Buy them here.


Images from the ASOS website

ASOS have a great range of plus size tights. Not just plain pull ups but also holdups and a bit more variety in terms of patterns. They also go up to 200D which is a great thickness for winter! Naturally their prices vary dependent on the thickness on style, but they also offer 3 packs for a reasonable $22.

Buy them here.

Sonsee Woman

Images from the Sonsee Woman website

I personally haven’t bought from Sonsee Woman before, but I do have friends that have and the reviews are positive! Also I love a brand that’s not afraid to use women over a size 14 on their website.

They are a little bit pricier, but from what I’ve heard they definitely go the distance.

Buy them here.

We Love Colours

Images from the We Love Colours website

If you’re looking for a little more colour in your tights, We Love Colours is for you. They have some funky patterns and a wide variety of colours to choose from. Great for fancy dress or if you just need a statement pair of tights.

They’re very reasonably priced and come in a huge variety!

Buy them here.

Lane Bryant

Images from the Lane Bryant website

Another great place to get fun plus size tights. Lane Bryant carries diamond, dots, fishnets and varying colours of tights. Keep in mind this is a US store so prices are relatively expensive with the state of the current dollar and your postage isn’t going to be cheap.

I would highly recommend possibly going in with a friend to buy a heap of tights to make the postage well worth it!

Buy them here.

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