Accessorising for autumn and winter

With winter comes the urge to always buy a new coat, right? I have 8 coats sitting in my wardrobe and I’ll be honest, some I haven’t worn in at least a few years.

They key to updating your wardrobe without maxing out your credit cards is accessories. Adding a new scarf, knitted headband or even new boots can distract from the coat and create an updated, pulled together look.

Here are a few things I’m loving this season to update my look:


1 | Knitted Headband from ASOS
2 | Stud Earrings from Elk
3 | The Horse Watch
4 | Boots from Wittner

If you really can’t go without a new coat, try having an older coat altered. Have the length trimmed or maybe replace the buttons with new ones. It keeps it cheaper than buying a whole new coat!

What are your tips for accessorising in autumn and winter?

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