A drive to the country

On Sunday I convinced the boyfriend to take a drive to Tharwa to take some outfit photos for me. This was his first time behind the lens. While he didn’t do the greatest job (sorry babe), he didn’t do the worst job either!

Tharwa is only about 10 minutes from where we live and his family have a pretty rich history there. His grandmother raised her children there, his grandfather grew up there with his brother still owning the local store and he has memories of sitting in the local church with his grandmother sneaking him lollies from her handbag.


From what he told me Tharwa is a town that isn’t getting any larger. In fact over the years the local school has closed down and access to the local homestead has been restricted.


Who knows what will be there in 20, even 10 years time.


Sunglasses – Seafolly

Jumper – Vinnies

Jeans – City Chic

Boots – Wittner

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