Four Plus Size Outfits from Instagram

I’ve been spending a lot of time sharing outfit and makeup photos on Instagram over the past few weeks.

It seems I find it a lot easier to communicate through images rather than words at the moment!

My favourite of the four outfits is the last one, for obvious reasons. I’d just had my hair done the day before and felt amazingly confident in what I was wearing and I think you can tell by the smile on my face!

Let me know in the comments which outfit is your favourite?


Peplum Top – City Chic

Jacket – City Chic

Skinny Black Jeans – City Chic

Shoes – Big W


Jumper – Lane Bryant

Scarf – Self

Skinny Blue Jeans – City Chic

Shoes – Big W

Bag – Michael Kors

Sunglasses – Roc


T-Shirt – Calvin Klein

Leather Panel Pants – City Chic

Shoes – Target



Jacket – ASOS Curve

Leather Panel Pants – City Chic

Shoes – Big W

Bag – Michael Kors

A Winter Wonderland {Plus Size Outfit}

Last weekend after the miserable weather we were having in Canberra the best friend and I (along with her husband) took a drive to Corin Forest to hopefully see some snow.

The whole way up it was pouring with rain and I was becoming extremely skeptical I was going to see any snow. Yet like a Disney movie, as we rounded a corner we were met with an amazing sea of white.

Not only was everything covered in snow, the rain had turned to snow and the whole time we were at Corin Forest it continued to snow.

It was a picture perfect snow day!

To top it off I busted out my winter coat which I bought of ASOS last year, my City Chic black skinny jeans and my blue chunky scarf for a day of snow fun!







Have you been to the snow recently?

Canberra Glassworks #humanbrochure

On Saturday was the ‘Food and Culture’ group of the ACT #humanbrochure campaign’s day of activity!

We had no idea what was in store, we just had to meet, jump on a bus and get shipped around and discover bits of Canberra we did or didn’t already know about.

We went to three different locations and I thought it was worth breaking it down and dedicating a post to each place – starting with the Canberra Glassworks.


I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t been to the glassworks before so I was really keen to learn more about what happens there and to discover the building itself.

This was easily my favourite location of the whole day. The building itself is so photogenic and learning about the art of glass making was so interesting, we even were treated to creating our own glass tile.



We saw how the process of blowing glass happens and when stretched how fragile and flexible glass can be.

imageThe building itself is over 100 years old and because is now a heritage listed site. I fell in love with the enormous windows that allow the workshop to fill with so much natural light.

imageIf you haven’t been I cannot recommend it enough! The added bonus is that Canberra’s best burger joint, Brodburger, is located just next door!





Silver Linings

Things have been a bit topsy turvy over the past few weeks. I’ve had some major life changing things happen.

My relationship with the Pool Boy has ended. As much as from the outside it seems unexpected I’m only now able to see that it’s been on the cards for about 12 months.

BI Quote

This has changed my whole life. What I thought was going to be my future has now been taken away in one decision.

I’m not sure if it’s normal, but just a few weeks on and I’m actually Okay with it. Of course I wasn’t in the first few days, but now I can definitely see why we shouldn’t be together rather than why we should.

I’ve now been through two breaks and my reaction and feelings for both of them were not the same. They’ve been extravagantly different, just as those two people meant different things to me and influenced my life in different ways.

I’m not going to go into the details of the breakup. There are two sides to every story and let’s just leave it at that.

Now I seem to be stuck in limbo. I need to make some decisions about my future and re-find myself.

When I say re-find myself I don’t mean I was being someone else in that relationship, but it has certainly changed me. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, a few things which I don’t like.

As anyone does after a break-up I’m reassessing my life. My health, my job and where I’m headed.

The road doesn’t look short but I’m keen to see where I now end up.

This doesn’t mean this blog will be going back to a dating blog. I’ve moved on from that topic and am still passionate about those other parts of my life such as fashion and being body positive. However as always a bit of my personal life will always creep in.

Stay tuned.

Lady Like {Outfit}

On Sunday myself and a few other people part of the 101 Human Brochure campaign hung out at the National Gallery listening to a couple of social media gurus.

Afterwards a few of us decided to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and take some outfit photos – as you do!

The lovely Eileen ofThe Food Avenue did such an amazing job!! We’ve already organized to team up for often to help each other out in the photo department!


I’m wearing a peplum top by ASOS Curve, lace blazer by Dream Diva, skinny blue jeans by City Chic, shoes by Big W, bag by Michael Kors and sunglasses by Rocco.


101 #HumanBrochure Welcome Event

You may remember that last year ACT Tourism ran a ‘Human Brochure’ campaign in which they shipped in 100 out of towners to show them the finer sides of our city.

This year they’re going for 101 local human brochures – and I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to be spoilt and shipped around exploring bits and pieces of Canberra.

The events kicked off on Friday night with our welcome function so we could all meet each other and see which other bloggers and social media influencers would be in our respective groups.


Entrance to the Nishi Gallery

The welcome event was at the Nishi Gallery surrounded by the beautiful artwork of Luke Chiswell and fed and watered by the lovely folk from Hotel Hotel.

It was nice to finally meet people in person as well as hang out with some familiar faces!

To find out more about the food (and see pictures) check out my lovely blogging friend The Food Avenue.


Human Brochures mingling.

Afterwards a few of us went to Hotel Hotel to try out a special cocktail they put together called Fog at Hive 6, I may have had three!

I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful their foyer and bar area was, in particular the fireplace they had was surrounded by super comfy looking couches (I’m already planning a trip back to spend some time in front of the fire!).


‘Fog at Hive 6′ Cocktail by Hotel Hotel

If the welcome event is anything to go by the rest of the events are looking super promising!

For those interested in the fashion side, I picked up a few bargains from the latest City Chic sale – I’m wearing black skinny jeans, blue peplum top with belt, blazer (all from City Chic), and boots from Betts and of course my trusty Michael Kors bag.


Outfit photo at the top of the Hotel Hotel stairs (cocktail in hand!)

Online Dating 101

Back when this blog started out I was on a dating adventure. I was putting myself out there A LOT to try and find Mr Decent. I say Mr Decent because I don’t believe there is a ‘right’ person for your or a ‘the one’.

I tried online dating for a couple of years and I learnt so much! In the end I could draw a lot of people in with my profile, successfully weed out the nut bags and sex addicts and in the end found a pretty nice fella that I’ve now been with for two and a half years.

online dating meme

You might not think I’d have a lot to tell you about online dating, I’ll admit it has been a while since I used it, but after a bit of research and chatting to friends who do use it, there’s no surprises that not a lot has changed.

So I’m keen to impart  what I learnt, share with you my hilarious (and sometimes cringe worthy stories) all in the hopes that at the very least it makes someone feel a little less lost and hopeless when they give it a try.

Let’s start the ball rolling – tell me your funniest date story!

Plus Size Skinny Jeans {Video}

I own about 4 different pairs of skinny jeans – they are my go-to item!

Skinny jeans go with just about everything and suit just about every body shape – If you don’t have them it’s time to invest!

Happy shopping!

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