Post Easter Coma and an eBook

Things have been a bit quiet here! I’ve been working to some hectic deadlines for Big Ink and had the family come down for Easter and early birthday celebrations.

All in all, a pretty hectic couple of weeks!

But now I’ve got some time off from work to start chipping away at my ‘blog to do list’. One being an ebook!

I have a few ebook ideas in the back of my head, but one in particular is going to be about dating. You know, what the blog was originally about all those years ago. I’ve got some awesome dating stories (the horror movie kind) and I learnt a lot about online dating, writing profiles, first dates, second dates, meeting the parents and more.

So I’m going to put it all in an eBook and see how it goes. Whether it’s a success or a snapshot at a part of my life that’s lead me to where I am now. It’ll be fun!

I hope you all had a great Easter break! Enjoyed too much chocolate and are ready for another long weekend come ANZAC Day!


Plus Size Blazer {Video}

Autumn is a great time to start layering – what better way to layer than with a blazer!

A blazer is a staple wardrobe item and in my latest video I give you tips on how to style it and a few different ones you can buy!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below if you there are any topics you’d like me to cover in future videos – or even if you just want to tell me what you thought of this video :)

Happy Shopping!

Set the mood

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Over Christmas you would have seen that I love Christmas decorations – in particular lights. My small apartment balcony gets covered in them and it’s a glowing beacon from the street.

Once Christmas is over and I’ve taken down my lights (usually around March or April, yes I’m lazy!) I’ll look for any excuse to use them elsewhere in the house. So for some handy ideas follow my post and if you don’t have any Christmas lights you can find some great April discounts at

So here are my top 4 ways to reuse Christmas lights when it’s not Christmas:

Romantic Bedroom

If you have plain clear fairy lights these can be reused to create a romantic feel in your bedroom. Do this either by stringing them up around the tops of the walls or if you have a bed with posts or a bed head gently placing them to create a romantic vibe.

lights bedroomOutdoor Escape

For those lucky enough to have a spacious backyard, you can use Christmas lights around your deck to add something interesting, or if you have a day bed with a cover creating a romantic getaway from the bedroom.

Martha Stewart of course has some great outdoor lighting ideas!

lights outdoorDecorative

Fairy lights can be a great decorative tool, I particularly love them when I’m entertaining and can dress up a shelf or table to add that little something extra. have some great ways you can use fairy lights to give your home décor a bit of an edge.

lights decor

Get creative

Time to get crafty and create something unique! You could arrange fairy lights on a board in a name or a word like ‘love’ to be a bit different. You could add interesting shapes around the lights to make the different, creating your own mini lanterns. The possibilities are endless and I suggest you head to Pinterest for more ideas!

lights creative

Which way do you think you’ll decorate with your fairy lights?

A Grandmother’s Advice

The Pool Boy’s grandparents have been together for a long time. It’s not the first marriage for either, but it is the last.

They are such a lovely couple, completely devoted to each other and over the years they’ve been together they’ve done a lot for each others children.

The Pool Boy asked his grandmother – ‘What’s the secret?’

She simply answered ‘Be kind to one another’.

So simple yet mind blowing at the same time. I constantly see articles in the media about the ’8 things happy couples do’, ‘Top 5 secrets to a lasting marraige’ blah blah blah. It’s not often they mention something as simple as kindness.

What do you think makes a good relationship?

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2014 Summer Trends

This post is brought to you by Superserp.

As the Southern hemisphere prepares for the cold, our Northern Hemisphere are sisters getting ready to show some leg, work on those tans and embrace the sunshine. So jealous right now!

But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with our Autumn/Winter wardrobes now girls.

For those planning a trip North side, there are some fabulous trends:

Orange is the New Black

My love for the TV shows grows with each new episode… and clearly the love for orange grows as we head into the summer months. The bright sunny colour will have you beaming bright and walking tall all season long.

Where to try this trend out: for more formal occasions like work when black and white are usually the rage, stand out from the crowd.

It’s black, its white

Not need to pack away those black and white winter clothes, The classic combo will still work perfectly this season. However, adding a splash of colour in your accessories will give your outfit that extra “pop”.

Where to try this trend out: On the beach… that golden brown tan will be what be the focus next to your black and white bikini.

Pastel power

Pastels have always been a firm fav of mine, and the trend this summer season is loads of pastels. Colour blocking with your pastels is also never a bad thing.

Where to try this trend out: weekend attire, the more casual you comes out, but it’s all still about being girlie and playful in your pastels.

Status pieces

Nothing stands out more than a status piece for all to see. So easy to achieve with some funky earrings, a killer pair of heels or a blinged out belt. The skies the limit!

Where to try this trend out: A night out on the town with the girls, hitting the latest club, visiting the hottest casinos, mingling with the “who-who’s”. You know you want to be noticed! Of course when you back home, and in your comfy attire, register an online casino account at Euro Palace, and leave the statement piece for the next night out on the town.

Low-heeled pumps

Praise be to the heel gods who have helped those gals out who hate the idea of sky-high heels. Low-heeled pumps are in! I repeat, low-heel pumps are in. Classy, elegant, sophisticated and glamorous are all the looks you can achieve with a sexy pair of low-heel pumps, all the while staying comfy.

Where to try this trend out: Date nights – You will still feel as sexy as anything, but still be 100% comfortable. The perfect combo for a good date night where you might still be trying to only show off your best side. No need to be walking half limping when your feet start hurting. Win-win I reckon.

The Makers’ Hub {Launch Party}


In case you don’t follow them on Facebook – Canberra Creatives now has a real concrete home with walls a roof and everything!


It’s been pretty amazing (and inspiring) to watch Creator Mikaela slog her guts out to go from a business run out of her lounge room to an actual office space in Macquarie, The Makers’ Hub.


I’m a closet crafter. I love everything from scrapbooks, knitting, drawing, sticking and gluing!


I also have the exciting news (not really news but you know) that I’m partnering with Canberra Creatives to deliver a Blogging for Beginners workshop, the first one being this Saturday.

Anyhoo – the launch was great, full of food, champagne and a cupcake stand where you could build your own cupcake!


I can’t wait to see where this local business goes and be there for the journey!


Aussie Curves {Picnic}

I can’t think of the last time I went on a picnic, that’s probably the downside to Canberra. We don’t have the most picnic friendly weather and when the weather is good we’d all rather travel to the coast!

But if I were to go to a picnic this is what I would wear.

Aussie Curves Picnic

This is a new jumper I picked up from Big W ahead of autumn. I’m also wearing my ASOS Curve skinny jeans, Peter Morrisey flats and Urban Outfitters bag I picked up in Seattle about 3 years ago.

Aussie Curves Picnic 3

I was super comfy in this and even went out for a movie date in this outfit after taking the photos.

The only downside is the jumper is very very baggy which doesn’t do a lot for my shape, but on the other hand that’s what makes it really comfy.

The part of the jumper that made me fall in love was the all lace back. I teamed it with an orange shirt underneath which has give it a really interesting look.

Aussie Curves Picnic 2

Check out what the other Aussie Curve ladies are inspired by for their picnics!


Preparing your wardrobe for Autumn and Winter

Autumn is here and it’s time to take stock of your wardrobe. It’s a great time to see what you have from last Autumn and Winter, what can be reworked, what should be donated and what has potential.


Click for Image Source

Put away your Spring & Summer clothes

You don’t have to put all of them away, keep out anything that can be layered – autumn and winter are all about layers.

For everything else (shorts, thongs etc) pack them away for now.

Assessing your clothing

Once you’ve pulled out all the cool weather stuff, cardigans, jackets, scarves and everything it’s time to take stock.

Divide everything into the following four piles, Classic, Needs Alterting, Donate/Sell and Chuck:

  1. Classic, re-wearable pieces: This is things like classic black jackets, blazer, simple scarves, cardigans. All these items need to be in really good condition, don’t need new buttons, sewing and fit perfectly.
  2. Needs altering: This pile is your clothes that have become too big or need some minor maintenance done because of a missing button or loose hem. All these items need to be things that are in trend or classic but just need a quick fix up.
  3. Donate or sell: The pile of things you’ll be donating to your local charity or church. These items either no longer fit because they’re too small or that regretful purchase, you know the one – when you saw a fluro yellow skirt you had to have and have only worn it once.
  4. Chuck: For items beyond repair, are torn, broken zippers, pulled threads etc. They are the items that you will never wear again even if you got them fixed – chuck those babies straight into the rubbish bin.

This should leave you with a really good set of items that you’re confident you’ll wear all through autumn and winter.

Investment pieces

With each season comes a time to update your wardrobe to keep it on trend or invest in a classic clothing item that you’ll re-wear for years to come.

Take a look at our post about Plus Size Trends for Autumn to see what you should be buying to be trend ready.

Wardrobe Accessories

I recently discovered velvet coat hangers and have to say THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! I now have more room in my cupboard and everything clings to the felt so it stays hanging!!!

This may seem overly dramatic, but I now enjoy putting my clothes away because they looks so lovely and neat!

You can pick them up at places like Big W and Kmart, but you’ll also find them on Ebay.


Good luck! Let us know how you clear out your wardrobe for a new season in the comments below :)

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