X Rocker Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless Review

Powerful sound system and vibration distinguishes this beauty from other gaming chairs. Inbuilt with numerous features, this gaming chair will take your gaming experiences to the next level.  A great chair to have for every hardcore gamer out there.


The sound system of this best console gaming chair has 4 speakers and a powerful subwoofer that can provide very strong vibrations for the complete surround sound experience while you enjoy your favorite game. Other than connecting with various games, the chair can also be connected with multiple chairs.

The shape of the chair is designed in such a way that it is extremely comfortable to sit continuously for hours together. Moreover, there is enough padding on the leg area, which does not make your legs hurt.


  • Can be connected with Gameboy, Playstation, Xbox, MP3, home theaters, etc.
  • High-end sound system with vibration.
  • Extremely comfortable to sit and enjoy your game.
  • Easy to clean and looks stylish.
  • The quality of the product is excellent and so it should be long-lasting.


  • A heavy product and hence it’s difficult to carry the gaming chair and shift to another room.
  • The wireless transmitter works on battery and hence it has to be switched off when not in use otherwise it will eat up the battery in 2-3 days. So, I keep checking this every single day as most of the time my kids forget switching it off. 

Overall, the chair is excellent with loud and clear sound effects. Hence, if you want to go through one of the best gaming experiences then this gaming chair is an absolutely recommended product for you.

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair Review

If you enjoy listening to music or playing games with loud sound effects then you should purchase the extraordinary X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair for yourself. The sound system of this gaming chair will just keep you hooked to it for hours together.


The powerful 2.1 speakers with subwoofer of this gaming chair can make the movie or game a lot better. The chair is very easy to setup and anyone with minimal technical knowledge can assemble it within few minutes. The wireless feature makes it enormously easy to use.

The chair provides excellent vibrations and hence playing action games becomes all the more interesting and entertaining. The pedestal makes the chair usable for tall people as it helps to sit 5 inches off the ground level.


  • This gaming chair can be connected with multiple chairs and thereby provide the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Can be connected to Playstation, Gameboy, Xbox, MP3 / CD /DVD, and home theaters.
  • Extremely comfortable as it provides good support for your back and arms.
  • Can be folded and stored in a closet easily.
  • The metal base makes the chair sturdy and enhances the overall quality.
  • Definitely, worth the price!


  • While seated on the chair, the seat portion just above the knee has a bar underneath and this makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit for longer period of time. A little more padding would have alleviated this problem.
  • The wireless sound box should work on power as it eats up a lot of battery.
  • The electric cord is too short and requires an extension cord.

However, the pros have undoubtedly exceeded the cons and hence this gaming chair is certainly an excellent product to bring happiness in your life while you enjoy playing your favorite game or watching your desired movie. 

Zeus Thunder Hero PC Gaming Rocker Review

PC gamers will love this chair. This gaming chair has been designed ergonomically keeping the needs of the adult users in mind. Available in classy shades of grey and black, it is an ideal product for every home.


This gaming chair has been designed for providing the highest level of comfort to the gamers. Easily compatible with almost all PC systems and gaming setups, it comes with a 2.1 sound setup and inbuilt subwoofer for elevating the sound performance. Moreover, the product comes equipped with an unbelievable 30 days warranty, which sets it apart from all other products of the league.

Essentially, the chair can be easily molded into different seating positions. This is an added advantage especially for the gamers who have to move in several directions while enjoying their favorite game. Sleek in design and light in weight, it can be placed easily in any room of your home. The design is extremely comfortable and is bound to uplift your gaming experience.


  • Include a 30 days warranty.
  • Can be easily molded into multiple seating positions.
  • Use of high quality fabric and seating material.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Available in classy shades of black and grey coupled with blue trim.
  • Built in speakers and subwoofers.


  • The subwoofers might end up generating a humming sound after sometime.
  • No USB jack provided for headphones.

Apart from the lack of USB jack for attaching the headphones, the product gets a thumps-up for its high comfort level and extraordinary design. A great buy for PC gamers.

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